Friday, June 2, 2017

History of Gojek

Ojek (also called Ojeg) is an unofficial public transport in Indonesia in the form of motorcycles, rented by passengers. Passengers are usually one person but sometimes can be both (It's forbiden actually). With the price determined by bargaining with the driver first after that the driver will deliver to the desired destination passengers.

Gojek Helmet

Gojek established in 2011 by two creative young man. The founder named Michaelanglo maron and Nadiem Makarin. They founded a company called PT Go-jek Indonesia. The company purpose itself to connect Ojek with ojek passengers. They see the Ojek only spend all day and not necessarily get customers. Because of that they have a big dream and make it happen to make this company, to help the Ojek drivers get passengers more quickly and efficiently. Until now their goal has proved successful. Ojek drivers should be more productive in order to earn more income.

From the begining gojek just serve through the call center only, but after that gojek start developing and make a mobile apps. With this apps, the passengers can order online, pay on credit and find out where the driver will pick up the passenger. This is one of the advantages of gimmicks compared to the konventional Ojek.

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