Sunday, July 16, 2017

How To Sleep Fast In One Minute

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Sydney- Wanting, after lying down on the bed, eyes closed. But there are times, it has been 10 minutes, 20 minutes, even an hour to sleep failed. Instead of mind lessons drifting to unfinished tasks, boss messages, household chores still piling up.

Stress, can make you difficult to sleep. Mental conditions like this affect the physical conditions such as heart pounding, blood pressure rises, tense muscles that make the body difficult to fall asleep.

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However, with simple breathing techniques can reduce the stress response and bring us to the realm of dreams.

"Breathing greatly promotes physiology and the process of thinking, including mood, by simply focusing attention on breathing without changing anything, you have moved towards relaxation," explained Harvard graduate doctor Andrew Weil.
Weil gives this way of breathing, breathing for four seconds, holding a breath for seven seconds and then exhaling for eight counts.

"Practicing this breath every day before bed can help you sleep soundly," explained Weil as reported by The Sydney Morning Herald, Sunday (31/05/2015).