Thursday, July 20, 2017

Prudential Unitlink Insurance

Prudential Unitlink Insurance

One of unitlink education insurance product that I take from Prudential is Prulink Edu Protection. Prulink Edu Protection is a Life Insurance product package associated with investment (unitlink) from PT Prudential Life Assurance (Prudential Indonesia). The premium you pay provides protection (protection) benefits and investment benefits in the form of cash value.

Prudential Unitlink Insurance
Prudential Unitlink Insurance


Prulink Edu Protection's product package will provide protection benefits for parents and children altogether in a comprehensive policy, monthly money benefit until your child is 18 or 25 years old and can provide potential benefits from existing investment returns. The investment yield is called potential because there is a chance of rising or falling, and the yield of this investment is not guaranteed.

The main benefits of Prulink Edu Protection are:

  1. Prulink Assurance Account (PAA) or the death benefit, ie the benefit of sum assured obtained if the main insured (the child) dies or suffers total permanent disability during the insurance coverage period.
  2. Pru Saver, which is an investment benefit whose outcome has potential benefits, can increase, can also be reduced.
  3. Pru Parent Payor 33, ie the benefits of premium exemption and periodic premium payment will be continued by Prudential's company until the end of the coverage period, if the parent of the principal insured (father and / or mother) suffers from one of 33 critical conditions Critical condition on the policy), or suffered total permanent disability or death.
  4. Pru Edu Protection, which is a monthly financing benefit that will be awarded to the principal insured up to the primary insured age of 18 years or 25 years (in accordance with the agreement in the policy), if the parent of the principal insured (father and / or mother) suffers one of 33 Critical condition (meet criteria table coverage of critical condition on the policy), or experiencing permanent defect or death.

To compensate for the increase in annual inflation, monthly benefits will increase every 3 years at 15% of the monthly benefit at the beginning of this additional insurance period, where payments will be provided if the Insured Income risks as previously mentioned.

While the additional benefits of Prulink Edu Protection coverage to choose from are:
  1. Prulink Term, an additional coverage that benefits the main insured if the parent (the additional insured) dies before the expiry of the term prulink term
  2. Prada Personal Accident Death and Disablement Plus (PADD plus), an additional coverage that benefits the sum insured if the main insured (the child) dies by accident, undergoes emergency treatment (accident only), suffers burns, complex fractures and Permanent disability.

ProGraduate dual-bummedual education insurance, in addition to providing a guarantee of protection against risks that may occur, this insurance also provides cash certainty given on schedule at the age of 18 years to 23 years. Because of the certainty of savings or education funding, this insurance is classified as dual-purpose insurance.

Education insurance Prulink Edu Protection is one unitlink insurance that contain elements of protection and investment elements. In terms of insurance coverage, unitlink is the same as any other insurance, even the advantage is that we can flexibly choose the protection we want.

But the investment or cash value that will be used as a child's education fund is not guaranteed or it may not be available when needed because the result is not good. Therefore, unitlink education insurance usually is more used to protect the education fund that has been prepared rather than to prepare the education fund itself.