Saturday, September 23, 2017



Cigarettes are cylinders made of paper about 70 to 120 mm long with a diameter of about 10 mm and contains tobacco leaves that have been chopped. Cigarettes are usually sold in parcels or paper packaging that can be easily inserted into the bag. Since the last few years, the packages are also generally accompanied by health messages that warn smokers of the health hazards that can be generated from smoking, such as lung cancer or heart attack (although in reality it is only decorative, rarely adhered). Humans in the world who smoke for the first time are Indian tribes in America, for ritual purposes such as worshiping gods or spirits.

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Inhaling someone else's cigarette smoke is more dangerous than smoking your own cigarette. Even the dangers that passive smokers incur three times more than the danger of active smokers.

Diseases that passive smokers can suffer are no more dangerous than active smokers. They are more prone to cancer, heart disease, lung and other deadly diseases. Those who are surrounded by cigarette smoke will die more quickly than those who live with clean air. And his death rate increased 15% higher.
The concentration of harmful substances in the body of passive smokers is greater because the toxins are sucked through the smoke of active smokers are not filtered / filtered. While the tobacco in the body of an active smoker filtered / filtered through the tip of a smoked cigarette. "But the concentration of active smokers toxins can increase if the smoker is active again inhaling the cigarette smoke he breathed."
The biggest cigarette toxin is produced by the smoke that rises from the tip of a non-smoking cigarette. Because the smoke produced comes from incomplete burning of tobacco.
Here are some harmful substances contained in a cigarette:
- Tar
- Nicotine
- Carbon monoxide
- Hazardous Chemicals


1. Cigarettes are very beneficial for the government for the tax and excise sector.
2. Cigarettes greatly benefit the community in seeking employment so that it creates employment opportunities for the people to become cigarette factory workers and tobacco farmers.
3. Cigarettes greatly benefit the traders in terms of export cigarettes abroad.