Saturday, September 23, 2017

I'm a Woman, I'm Smoking. Problems for you?

I'm a Woman, I'm Smoking. Problems for you?

"Why am I called naughty girl just because of smoking?"

Yes, I smoke. I have several reasons why I do it. Or maybe I have no reason at all. My reasons may be stupid and superficial, perhaps also with careful consideration. But why my morals, my character or my 'evil' side is judged from a cigarette. Why does it question me as an individual?
Often, every woman smokes. it is described as having a 'lower' character than a 'clean' woman. Why did it happen?

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In addition, we can also understand how the patriarchy system works. Especially putting a cigarette as a gender difference system. An independent, successful, brave guy who smokes and they are considered 'cool'. But women who smoke are considered spoiled and sometimes bad, called 'cheap'.

I'm a Woman, I'm Smoking. Problems for you?

I have to say this explicitly, that in fact many women in Indonesia are smoking. Not because of social pressure, or just want to look 'cool'. Me and millions of other girls smoke because we want to oppose the 'role' that is already attached to the character of a woman. Because those who are non-smokers rate the behavior as "not really chick", while smokers think it's a "symbol of social change." Right now we are caught in the middle of two contradictory ideas.
Before, you should know the history of this smoking woman. Initially, women who smoke actually become a sign of "torch of freedom" and a sign of rebellion. Signs of rebellion against inequality between men and women. Now maybe you just realized how stupid you are for giving a "naughty girl" stamp and likes to criticize people, but the root of it all is to start a positive change.