Tuesday, September 19, 2017

When Trouble Download DracOs Linux

In the post tonight I want to share a little information about Download DracOs Linux, well I make this post in accordance with my own experience how to download DracOs Linux, Kok on Official Web site can not. "Well there I got an answer from an admin, curious right?

What is DracOs Linux?

Dracos Linux is a linux operating system, open source based on Linux From The Scratch. Dracos linux under the protection of GNU General Public License v3.0. This operating system is one variant of linux distro, which is used to perform security testing (penetration testing). Dracos linux is supported by hundreds of tools pentest, forensics and reverse engineering. Dracos linux does not use GUI-based tools and tools only has software that uses CLI (command line interface) to perform its operations.

Now how to download DracOs Linux OS? While we can not download on Official Website DracOs Linux, the alternative is in one of the Underground website is also the Indonesian Hacker. Well maybe my friends are impatient, just copy and paste the link below.