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KAPA Multiguna: Substituted Alternative KAPA K-61 Indonesian Marine Corps military technology

Given that the KAPA (Marine Amphibious Fleet Carrier) operated by the Marine Corps is elderly, ie K-61 and PTS-10, the KAPA Battalion of the Marine Cavalry Regiment requires the modernization of KAPA types, it is clear that KAPA's role is vital, as well as necessary to support amphibious landing operations, KAPA proved to have a big hand in emergency response operations of natural disaster, to support SAR mission.

Indonesia Military Technology
KAPA (Marine Amphibious Fleet Carrier)

Although there has been no new KAPA procurement contract for Marines, at least there are now two types offered for the Purple Beret Corps. The first is KAPA RD MK1, KAPA type is officially still a mockup that has been displayed in the Indo Defense figure 2016. As the party that offers a solution is a national private company, PT Republic Defensino who released the mockup design Amphibious Tracked Carrier KAPA RD MK1. Although still in the mockup, the manufacturer has released that the ransus (special vehicle) will have a total weight of 25 tons. RD MK1 is planned to be powered by Iveco L6 diesel engine with six cylinders. The engine power of RD MK1 is mentioned reaching 590HP.

Details about KAPA RD MK1 we have peeled in the previous article, whose title link you can click on the top of this paragraph. While the second type offered for the Marine Corps is KAPA Mutliguna from Balitbang Kemhan in cooperation with the national private company PT Wirajayadi Bahari. In contrast to RD MK1, KAPA Multiguna is already in the form of prototype and further has been successfully tested in Waters of Tuban, East Java.

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According Bintoro, chairman of PT Wirajayadi Bahari met, KAPA Mutliguna is painted in chocolate loreng is indeed built as a modernization of K-61. "But note, our KAPA does not use the chassis of the K-61, everything is new, from wheel chains to machines," said Bintoro.

When considered carefully, there are some similarities between this KAPA made in Surabaya with K-61, such as the position of two propeller blades and the positioning of the engine position in the middle. But KAPA Multiguna is designed more contemporary, as evidenced by increased protection on the driver's compartment and navigator. Also on the front is equipped with a breaker whose height can be adjusted. As for wheel chains, pinching Chinese / Russian tank models, or similar to those used by BTR-50 and PT-76, means larger than K-61 chain wheels.

KAPA Multipurpose kitchen supported Cummins ISZ 525-40 engine with 2,100 RPM plus 525HP / 368KW power. This KAPA can go on land with a maximum speed of 50 km per hour, and in water using two propellers measuring 540 mm, the maximum speed reaches 12 km per hour. With a full load of 17.5 tons, KAPA Multiguna is designed to carry a 105 mm caliber Howitzer.


KAPA Multipurpose Specifications:

  • Length: 9.2 meters
  • Width: 3.23 meters
  • Height: 2.6 meters
  • Groud Clearance: 480 mm
  • Gearbox: Reintjes (China)
  • Suspension: Torque rod
  • Engine: Cummins ISZ 525-40
  • Power: 525HP / 386KW
  • Max Torque: 2508 NM
  • Max speed on land: 50 km per hour
  • Maximum speed in water: 12 km per hour