Monday, November 27, 2017

Susi Invites Japan to Cooperate Infrastructure and Marine Technology

The Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries Susi Pudjiastuti returned to Japan to visit Sakura, Japan as a follow-up plan for cooperation between the Government of Indonesia and Japan which had been discussed last April. On Tuesday local time, Susi met Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono to discuss the realization plan of assistance to be provided by the Government of Japan to Indonesia in particular related to fishery cooperation.

To Taro, Susi said that Indonesia opens investment opportunities for Japan, especially related to infrastructure and technology.

Susi Pudjiastuti
Susi Pudjiastuti

"I want to, Japan is also starting to invest in Indonesia, we open as much as possible," said Susi in a written statement. According to Susi, with 60 years of diplomatic relations between Indonesia and Japan in 2018, the relationship between the two countries will be closer and support infrastructure and technology from Japan Indonesia needs to be given so that Indonesia has more power in exploiting and marketing its fishery products.

"Reform in the fisheries sector is not easy, especially with regional pressure, where regional markets have been supplying fish from the stolen Indonesian territory," said Susi, adding that Indonesia needs better technology to maintain and manage our fishery resources.

In the midst of difficulties some illegal fishing actors meet the supply of fish in their country, Susi feels that Indonesia should improve its capability in managing Indonesian fisheries, before opening up investment for those countries.

The goal is to maintain economic and political stability, so that Indonesia can meet the food needs without colonized the fish thieves.

"Hopefully with the realization of this cooperation, together we can face the challenges of food security in the future.If the sea is not managed properly, this will be a problem for all countries," said Susi.

On that occasion, Susi also explained the progress that has been shown marine and fishery management in Indonesia in recent years. For the first time, Indonesia's fishery trade balance is number one in Southeast Asia, where Indonesian fishermen have been able to catch tuna up to 80 kg in a distance of 1-4 miles.

"Capture fishery is up 11% this year, 2 million tons, 20% for Indonesian consumption," said Susi, who targets to consume Japan's target level of 50 kg fish this year.

Foreign Minister Taro Kono admitted to being impressed with the efforts made by Minister Susi in defending the marine and fishery resources of Indonesia. To that end, he stated that Japan through Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) is ready to cooperate with Indonesia by conducting research for the construction of Integrated Marine and Fisheries Sentral (SKPT) in 6 locations.

"In the near future, we will conduct technology-related seminars that can be used to defend fishery resources from IUU Fishing practice, and Japan is ready to work with Indonesia as a way of appreciating Indonesia's efforts to eradicate IUU Fishing," said Taro Kono.

Taro is also a bit nostalgic, while living in Indonesia himself happy to visit the Sulu Sea and Banda Sea which is a breeding zone of 60 percent baby tuna in the world.

"We appreciate Ibu Susi's persistence.Mother Susi even submitted a proposal to the UN headquarters in New York, asking for a regulation on the high seas to save fishery resources, especially the tuna and its circulation process, even asking the United Nations to establish a special institution to provide control and regulation, "Taro recalls.

At the meeting, Susi also asked Japan to support ocean right, which is a right where a country can change leadership and governance pattern, without changing and stopping the rules of marine and fishery protection.

"We ask the Japanese support to roll the idea (ocean right) at the upcoming 2018 Ocean Conference," lid Susi.

Not only to meet Taro Kono, in his trip to Japan Susi also met the Deputy Foreign Minister (Wamenlu) Japan Masahisa Sato. In the meeting, Masahisa Sato expressed his admiration for the figure of Minister Susi who is considered very firm and dare to defend the Indonesian sea sovereignty from foreign hands.

According to Masahisa, the current protection of fishery resources is becoming a very important issue for Japan, as many of the Japanese waters began to overfishing and the rise of foreign ships into their waters. For that, they want to learn how to defend the sea. One of them by providing support on the development of Sentra Marine and Fisheries Integrated (SKPT).

"We, Japan, need a figure like Mrs. Susi to face the invasion of foreign ships that enter the territory of Japan," said Masahisa

Profile Susi Pudjiastuti

 Susi Pudjiastuti was appointed Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries in the Working Cabinet of Joko Widodo and Jusuf Kalla. This decree was announced by Joko Widodo at Merdeka Palace, Central Jakarta, Sunday (26/10/2014).

Susie was born in Pangandaran, January 15, 1965 is a businessman owner and President Director of PT ASI Pudjiastuti Marine Product, exporter of fishery products and PT ASI Pudjiastuti Aviation or Susi Air flight from West Java. He was mentioned will occupy ministers in the field of maritime and fisheries.
Until early 2012, Susi Air has 46 aircraft with various types such as Cessna Grand Caravan, Pilatus PC-06 Porter and Piaggio P180 Avanti. Susi Air employs 179 pilots, of which 175 are foreign pilots. In 2012 Susi Air receives Rp300 billion in revenue and serves 200 pioneering flights.