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It's the Secret of Javanese Women's Beauty Inviting the Woman of the World

Asian women are famous with the beauty of the skin that captivate and look nan charming hair. Can not be denied, these two physical features often make many women in other parts of the world envious to compete to get the same charm. However, not all Asian countries are considered to have a fair sex. Javanese and Balinese women made an example representing the original beauty of Indonesia.

It's the Secret of Javanese Women's Beauty Inviting the Woman of the World
Javanese Woman

The ideal facial contour, friendly smile, and tan color make many people fascinated with the physical beauty of Indonesian women. In addition, long jet black hair and decompose into added value make Indonesian women recognized as one of the most beautiful ethnic in Asia. What's the secret?
One of the main keys of Javanese women to maintain health in caring for the face is one of the essence, where the face looks natural will continue to awake its appearance. Java community not only famous for herbal medicine as a health drink, but also some ingredients that can beautify the face.
Javanese women pass on the concoction from time to time and from generation to generation.
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At least hundreds of years of the archipelago using natural ingredients. One note that can be learned is from the contents of Serat Centhini, which contains herbal concoctions and framed in 1814.

Spices and herbal ingredients turned out to have been dependable since antiquity as a way to maintain health and beauty. The most abandoned part of the record around the use of this traditional herb is the life of the palace. One of them is the jampi from the Mataram Kingdom that contains about three thousand recipes of herbs, around the 1700s.

Jamu seems to have been entrenched since the Hindu era. The proof, Madhawapura Inscription contains about the profession of peracik herbal medicine called Acaraki. Ways of making herbal medicine also appear in the wall paintings of Borobudur Temple, Prambanan, Penataran and Sukuh. The tools used to treat herbal medicine include manganese, pipisan and ulesan.

It's the Secret of Javanese Women's Beauty Inviting the Woman of the World
Javanesse Woman

For beauty care in particular, the most widely used herbs are herbs, scrubs or boreh, cold powder, tapel and pilis.

When herbal medicine is taken to treat the beauty from within, then the scrub, boreh and mangir take care of it from outside. The trick is to help lift dead skin cells that accumulate, as well as whiten and brighten the skin.

Traditional Javanese Beauty Potions

Mangir made from temu giring and turmeric pounded, made a similar paste then smeared on the skin and rubbed. While scrubs are generally made from coffee powder, avocado, yam, carrots, green tea and other ingredients.

Another with boreh, which many found made of rice or wheat. While tapel more widely used by women after childbirth. The benefit is to help the stomach skin to come back taut, healthy and fresh. Materials include key findings, betel leaf and lemon.

There is also a pilis made from a mixture of kencur and leaves of star fruit wuluh. This herb is smoothed and mixed with water then applied on the forehead. In addition to helping treat dizziness, pilis also helps remove wrinkles on the forehead and clear the view.

Meanwhile, to help calm the skin, the past air using cold powder. At once to protect the skin from the effects of sunlight, and protect the face as well. The ingredients of manufacture are rice, bengkuang juice, grass bulbs, puzzles, roses, jasmine and pandanus.

Kencur rice has been famous for its usefulness to the corners of the country. Rice kencur itself is divided into two namely as drinking herbs and scrubs.
For herbal scrub usually rice kencur will be added with mangir or turmeric. Body Scrub with kencur rice and mangir will make skin feel firmer, brighter, and smoother.Rice kencur for scrub usually sold in dry tablet form. when we will use it should be first liquefied with water.

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Besides rice kencur as powder bengkoang made from sari-sari bengkoang. This herb serves to whiten, rejuvenate, and brighten the skin. Bengkoang powder we can make your own by scraping bengkoang, then squeezed. Water bengkoang then precipitated. After settling water separated from sari bengkoang then drying bengkoang sari to dry. You can use the herb as a mask.