Friday, December 8, 2017

KEEL LAYING SHIP BCM Navy IS DONE IN PT BATAMEC SHIPYARD Tarakan 905, one of the vessels BCM (Assisted Liquid Oil) owned by TNI AL ☆

The Navy re-builds a modern warship (KRI). This ship serves as auxiliary ship oil liquid (BCM) in Batam. They entrusted this special tanker-making project at PT Batamec Shipyard which successfully carried out its first keel laying at Tanjung Uncang on Friday (8/9) yesterday.

The company itself is one of the largest shipbuilding companies in Batam engaged in shipbuilding, ship repair and conversion that has received the ISO 9001: 2008 award for quality management system, as well as health and safety system of BS OHSAS 18001: 2007, as well as the environmental management system ISO 14001: 2004.

 KRI TARAKAN 905 is a Replenishment Oiler (Combat Logistics Ship) of the Republic of Indonesia's Navy, made in Indonesia

KRI TARAKAN 905 is a Replenishment Oiler (Combat Logistics Ship) of the Republic of Indonesia's Navy, made in Indonesia


"In addition, this is also the support and dedication of the Navy in supporting the local industry and using Alutsista products made by the country itself, and make Indonesia as a maritime axis of the world," said Mulyadi after the first keel laying (ship) BCM Navy ship in Tanjunguncang , Friday (8/9) yesterday.

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According to him, this tanker is the third vessel owned by the Navy built in Indonesia and has been using the Bureau Veritas (BV) classification agency. The new tanker comes with a length of 123.50 meters and a width of 16.50 meters with a capacity of 5500 cubic meters of oil. In the future, this ship works the same as KRI Tarakan, namely as Auxiliary Support Vessel, which refuel Indonesian Navy warships while operating in the sea.

"The plan of this ship will be operated in the task force of the western fleet region (Armabar, red), given the current, we lack the tools for this region," said Mulyadi.

The tanker will also be equipped with a Replenishment at Sea (RAS) system that allows ships to transfer fuel to other vessels while in operational and remote shipping conditions. This ability is very useful in military strategy, where time and speed are crucial in critical situations.

"That means, the ship does not have to stop or return to the base to just do the refueling. For example, we do not need to return to the base at Natuna when operating in the outer waters. This ship we need while operating in maintaining the boundaries of the Indonesian sea in the border region, "he explained.

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What is clear, added Mulyadi, this vessel will be operated task unit of auxiliary vessels (Satban) in escort and guard in the North Natuna sea. "This ship will escort our warships operating in the border waters like in the South China Sea that need special escort," he explained.

Director of PT Batamec Shipyard, Mulyono Adi said this became their first cooperation in supporting the TNI for the procurement of Alutsista by making a new ship. "This is the first one, but if maintenance or repair ship often," he said.

Mulyono said that because the vessel is used for the sake of operations, even though its status as a tanker, but also able to carry wet and dry logistics for military needs "The ship has undergone a refinement that is more aerodynamic and modern," he explained.

Meanwhile, the ship's keel laying circuit itself uses the ceremonial coin method. This method is a tradition commonly used in the early stages of ship building. The way to put a coin on the bottom of the hull of a ship that is believed to be a symbol of good luck. The laying itself was handed over by Mulyono Adi to be placed symbolically by Laksda Mulyadi as the recipient partner of the Navy.

This process of keel laying is done now after six months of running project because PT Batamec, according to Marpol / Solas regulation, follows ship building rule to reach one percent of total weight of LWT. "It is now completed eight blocks weighing 360 tons. That means the development of the ship has reached 1 percent, and already can keel laying, "said Mulyono Adi.

The construction of the BCM vessel is supervised by a task force of the Navy directly led by the marine colonel (T) Hindarto as Dansatgas.

Although the venue of the event had floods due to heavy rain, but the event remains a success. The plan, shipbuilding will be completed by the end of 2018.

The event itself was also attended by Vice President of PT Batamec Shipyard Heronimus Setiawan, Project Manager ship BCM Harsya Damar Hadityo, and Batamec employees, as well as partners and partners. While from the TNI was attended by Danlantamal 4 Tanjungpinang, First Laksmana (P) Ribut Eko Suyatno, Danlanal Batam, Colonel Laut (P) Ivong Wicaksono Wibowo, Head of Adalut Colonel Laut (T) Andi Djaswandi, and environmental officials from TNI AL Headquarters.