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Special Forces of the Indonesian Navy Army: DENJAKA (Detachment Jala Mengkara)

Indonesia has an elite force whose power will not be underestimated by the world. One of the evidence through press release of East Fleet Information Service on Thursday, May 12, 2016, special forces of Navy Denjaka (Detachment Jala Mengkara) get praise in the international world.

Together with the Russian Navy special forces, they successfully passed the joint Asean Defense Ministers Meeting-Plus Maritime Security and Counter Terrorism Exercise 2016 (ADMM-Plus MS and CT Exercise) held in Brunei Darussalam and Singapore.

Special Forces of the Indonesian Navy Army: DENJAKA (Detachment Jala Mengkara)
Denjaka in Action

This achievement is not surprising because the Denjaka forces are indeed one of Indonesia's most powerful elite forces. Even to say, Denjaka is the best elite troops in Indonesia. Here is a row of facts that led to Denjaka deserve the nickname.

Early History of Denjaka Formation

Initially, an organization called the Special Forces of the Navy On November 4, 1982, (Pasusla) was formed to meet the needs of the AL handling threats of sea aspects such as terrorism, sabotage and others. 70 people from Yontaifib and Kopaska were picked up and nurtured by the Commander of the Western Fleet and the Marine Corps Commander. KSAL itself serves as an operational controller.

Then KSAL decided to form a special unit, requested the approval of the ABRI Commander. Until finally November 13, 1984, Detachment Jala Mengkara (Denjaka) was formed.

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The Crazy Selection, Only The Very Tough Able To Pass It

Those who qualify as Denjaka warriors must have a tough body and extraordinary intelligence. How not, in Denjaka selection they are required to be able to control 3 terrain ie land, sea and air. They must be able to plunge from a height, survive in the forest and agile in the ocean. Because of the crazy selection done, it can be said that they can live even though thrown into the sea with hands and feet tied.

In the Denjaka selection, not all soldiers escaped. From hundreds or thousands maybe only dozens or even dozens that can escape. They must pass Taifib and Post qualification before proceeding, and those who fail will be returned to their union.

Eligible to Match the Strongest Elite Forces in Indonesia

In Indonesia mentioned there are 5 strong elite troops, namely Denbravo-90, Kopassus, Kopaska, Yontaifib and of course Denjaka. Among the five, the Denjaka is the strongest because one Denjaka soldier has the capability and strength equivalent to 120 ordinary TNI soldiers.

Special Forces of the Indonesian Navy Army: DENJAKA (Detachment Jala Mengkara)
Denjaka In Action

Denjaka's principal task is to deal with sabotage, terror and clandestine, a secret intelligence operation. Although part of the Navy, these purple beret soldiers can also operate in the air as well as the mainland. All Denjaka activities are confidential because they are very rarely widespread. However, there are some operations that also involve Denjaka, such as the AirAsia QZ8501 SAR operation by the end of 2014.

Together with Taifib, Kopaska and Basarnas Special Group, 53 of Denjaka's best diving people evacuated Air Asia passengers who crashed in the Karimata Strait despite extreme weather.

Last March, warships and troops Denjaka also had prepared to free 10 WNI hostage by Abu Sayyaf in Philippine waters.

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Under the command line of the Navy Marines did not make the Denjaka triumph in the ocean alone, they were also swift when needed on land and air.

With a selection that can not be considered humane, it is precisely that which makes Denjaka feasible to get the nickname as a sea ghost and the most powerful elite forces in Indonesia. Satya Wira Dharma!

STORY OF DENJACA Troop Force Elite Other State Elites

In the 2014 Multilateral Rim of The Pacific (Rimpac) 2014 which runs from 26 June to 1 August 2014 followed by 23 countries, and for Marines, is centered on Kaniohe Bay (Marine Corps Base Hawaii).

Marine Navy became Indonesia contingent. In the training, they re-incised gold ink. Two members of the Jala Mangkara Duta (Denjaka), namely Serka (Mar) Riyanto Pane and Kopda (Mar) Subiyanto received an award in the form of the tradition of Godzilla bearing warrior label.

The label of the dinosaur (Godzilla) image symbolizes toughness, strength, and strength. Labeling has become a tradition for the US Marine to conduct training for trainees who are considered to be tough during the training.

In addition, there are others who amaze the army of other countries, namely during practice, our army is running fasting. This makes them shocked, how tough the Indonesian army.