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Unit Bravo 90 (formerly Detachment Bravo 90) - Special Forces TNI-AU

The Bravo 90 unit (formerly called Satbravo-90), formerly Denbravo 90, is a special operations unit of the Special Forces Corps located directly under Dankorpaskhas, also known as Special Forces of Indonesian Air Force (SFoIDAF). The members of the Bravo Detachment were selected from the best para-komando soldiers within the TNI-AU corpaskhas. In order to hone their anti-terror abilities, they still have to undergo more exercises done at the GMF Sat-81 Gultor invasion training center, sea infiltration drills in the offshore rigs at the Denjaka training center, UDT (under water demolition) training at the training facilities Kopaska, as well as practice tame explosives at Pusdikzi Gegana, Polri. 

Indonesian Military
Sat Bravo 90

The number 90 refers to the year of Denbravo's inauguration, and Bravo itself means "The Best". Unit Bravo 90 Paskhas is responsible for carrying out intelligence operations, crippling enemy alutsista / installations in support of air operations and airborne terror assault and other operations in accordance with the TNI Commander-in-Chief policy and often involved in joint TNI missions to safeguard objects, the vital object of the state. Den Bravo 90 is also placed in the personal guard datasemen (walpri) for KSAU and the President. The youngest Indonesian troops are the youngest formation. Newly formed in a limited environment within the TNI-AU Forces Corps in 1990, Bravo means the best. The concept of its formation refers to General Guilio Douchet's thought: 
It is easier and more effective to destroy the opponent's air forces by destroying its base and its equipment on the ground rather than fighting in the air
Unit Bravo 90 has Motto: Catya Wihikan Awacyama Kapala, which means; Faithful, Skilled, Successful.

Inauguration of Unit Bravo-90

Inaugurated on September 16, 1990 by KSAU Marshal TNI Hanafie Asnan. When formed, Bravo reinforced 34 soldiers 1 officer, 3 NCO, 30 enlisted. In carrying out its operation, Bravo can also be able to move without identity, can blend in units SatBravo 90 Korpaskhas TNI-AU Paskhas, or move alone. The Bravo-90 also completes its personnel with a wide range of advanced combat special qualifications, ranging from combat free fall, scuba diving, assault racers, HALO (High Altitude Low Opening) or HAHO (High Altitude High Opening), advanced sports and advanced combat (PLT), dalpur trimedia (land, sea, air), diving combat, shoot class 1, advanced command and able to use information and communication technology with multimedia means. 
The elite troops also missed the quota to practice shooting by using bullet sharp three times more than other regular troops. It is intended to train their accuracy and speed to act in a split second. Organizational Structure Unit Bravo-90: Unit Bravo 90 has 3 Detachments, namely: - Den 901 has a specialization of intelligence. - Den 902 Special Technical Assistance (Banniksus) - Den 903 Special Action (Aksus) SatBravo 90 Korpaskhas TNI-AU In addition there is a Mechanical Assistance Team for weapons and equipment maintenance as well as special teams plus team coaches. All Detachments have the same expertise in the field of counter terrorism. This orange beret "nucleus" is also often practiced with Gultor Kopassus, Kopaska Navy and Marine Denjaka. 

Currently there is an increase in the standard of troops from Detachment to Unit so that the ideal number follows the Organization Organization Table (TOP) of 700 personnel under the command of a Colonel directly under the National Agency for Combating Terrorism (BNPT). Bravo currently has a close combat facility (CQB). Even for the release of hostage exercises on the plane, Bravo directly implement them in the aircraft both the TNI-AU and PT. IN. Bravo also became the first special forces in Indonesia to master Systema martial arts which is a typical military martial art of SPETSNAZ, Russian elite troops.